simply put, i'm a very creative intellectual. i'm not tooting my own horn; it's just the way i'm wired. as such, it makes me a man of many mediocre talents. this is the situation because i have so many interests and fascinations with science, technology, art, philosophy, politics, history, etcetera, etcetera that i don't spend enough time on anything to get really good at it. i am the mediocre renaissance man. The Professional Student.

That's not a bad thing to be, and it keeps life very interesting. After all, being self-employed has its advantages. I have the time and the means to explore digital photography, art, science and so on. So I have created this little piece of digital heaven to share my thoughts, experiences and creations with you. Why you are hear, I have no idea, but I hope you see something that humors, angers, intrigues or inspires you to do your own thing.

warm regards.