h2gh - the bbc's hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

digital imaging 101 - good for budding digital shutterbugs

cholor scheemer - so many crappy web sites... at least get your colors right

javascript source - many useful scripts for your web site

photoworks - they print great photobooks & more

email encoder - encode your email address & evade spambots

vistaprint - this is where i print all my business cards

avg - free anti-vitus software... don't pay monthly fees

pair networks - our excellent web host

eco living center - just because you sit on your ass all day in front of a computer doesn't mean you can't live healthy

open office - an amazing, free ms office clone

imaging resource - this site has extensive reviews on many of the latest digital cameras

digital camera tools - many unique and useful software resources

ipodder - an awsome tool for listening to podcasts